The Jigsaw Club


About Us
The Jigsaw Club is a service that provides jigsaw puzzles; individually through our catalog, or on a monthly basis through our Monthly Subscriptions.

We've all heard about the different types of clubs available on the market today. There are CD clubs, book clubs, wine clubs, and yes, even underwear clubs. All mail order clubs share one common feature; they all provide a product that is mailed directly to you on a monthly basis.

We buy direct from the manufacturers; there is no middleman involved. Most puzzles ship by USPS Priority Mail, or Parcel Post. 


The Offer
We offer a variety of options to choose from. You can either subscribe to the club or purchase from the catalog listings. In addition, you'll be able to join our 'exchange club' as soon as all of the details have been worked out. The Exchange Club will allow members to trade their old puzzles for puzzles they haven't worked yet, with other members from across the country they've never met. Keep checking this web site for a future starting date.

Choose one, two, or as many puzzles and accessories as you want from our Catalog; There's never an obligation to buy more.

If you prefer to order a subscription, you'll enjoy the benefits of "hassle-free" mail order shopping with one of our Monthly Subscriptions.


With a subscription you will receive one new puzzle per month for either 3,6, or 12 months.

A subscription to The Jigsaw Club is a GREAT GIFT for puzzle lovers of any age. An especially wonderful gift for those of limited mobility. Membership in The Jigsaw Club makes 'puzzling' a hassle-free experience. Having a new puzzle delivered to your door every month eliminates the frustration most seniors experience searching for jigsaw puzzles.

By hassle-free we mean, no more having to search through pages of catalogs or stacks of boxes just to find the kind of puzzles you enjoy. Just choose a category from our subscription page, and we'll do the rest. Visit our Subscription Offers page for more details.

If you require more frequent deliveries, please contact us with your request


Our Promise
Whatever option you choose, the guarantee is the same. You must be 100% satisfied or you'll receive your money back; no questions asked. All puzzles are made in America, and are factory sealed. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Monthly subscriptions can be cancelled at any time by the original purchaser for a full refund on the remaining balance of the subscription.





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